Nuevo curso (2010-2011)

Empezamos un nuevo curso. Y empiezo pidiendo vuestra opinión. Escribe un comentario sobre esta presentación.

Aunque esté en inglés, puedes contestar en español, naturalmente.


4 comentarios »

  1. Martina said

    My opinion about Internet it’s just, that Internet can be the best or the worst thing for people, It only depends on the use you decide to give it.
    I really liked the slides, It’s very clear, and It’s a short form of saying that Internet offers you the greatest information source in the world, but to reach the full potential of it, you have to know somethings, like most of the principal tools, what possibilities do you have for getting each information,…
    Internet can also be a great place for robbers, or hackers….
    Summing up, I totally agree with you Macarena, and I hope people watch your work because It’s just true, and also in an interesting way.

  2. Miguel Cabello said

    internet es una de las cosas mas útiles hoy en día, pero hay que darle muy bien uso y no usarlo de mala manera

  3. Juan Antonio y Pablo said

    En Internet se puede encontrar infinidades de cosas, pero todas no son buenas y pueden ser peligrosas, como por ejemplo algunos Chats en el cual los pederastas se hacen pasar por otros hasta que violan sus intimidades. Normalmente si eres responsable no te meterás en ningún problema. Internet tambien se utiliza como una herramienta de estudio y para el ocio.

  4. Dani y Antonio said

    When we watched this video the first thing we thought was: this isn’t new, is the same stuff that everyone is always trying to write in ours minds, but after all, it’s right in almost everything it’s written; the ‘almost’ is that it doesn’t mention that the children of 8 to 11 years old use to play in the internet as much as they study there, but it is ok in things about games because some people just play a little and they enjoy it, but some other start to make that the main thing in their lives and at last they don’t have social life.
    There’s too the thing of that if you meet someone by the internet you just cannot know who are you talking to and if the images on his/her blog(facebook, tuenti…) are truths or if is an old man (or another kind of person) instead of who you think that person is.
    In few words, internet can be good if you use it with control and in an appropiate way.

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